Verge and footway parking

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is the local Highways Authority, and is responsible for the majority of grass verges across the borough.

Verge maintenance or damage

Please report damage to grass verges or request preventative protection measures (for example posts or post and rail fencing) to Hertfordshire County Council's highways department who are responsible for verge maintenance.


Introduction of Verge and Footway Prohibition Orders

In recent years there has been a significant increase in car ownership, both nationally and locally. As roads were not built to accommodate the number of vehicles using them, this has led to other more obstructive parking issues such as parking on footways or verges. The Council now introduce a Verge and Footway Prohibition Order (VFPO) in certain parts of the Borough, which restricts parking on the footway, verges, vehicle crossovers and other green areas. The VFPO cannot tackle driving over a verge or footway or any other verge issues not relating to a parked vehicle. 

Parking Services will now consider introducing VFPO's and consult with residents at the same time as other parking restrictions, such as single/double yellow lines and resident parking permit schemes are considered when the area is on the current parking services works programme.

If your road is not on the lists on those pages, and you would like your road/ward to be considered for a Verge and Footway Prohibition Order, or any other changes to the parking restrictions, please contact customer services on 01707 357000 or  and your request will be added to the investigation list for consideration of a future bi-annual work programme.


Blue Badge Holders

In addition to the statutory exemptions attached to the VFPO, including loading and unloading, Blue Badge Holders may park upon vehicle crossovers for a period not exceeding 3 hours.


Vehicles parked on the footway

Areas not currently covered by a VFPO do not specifically ban parking on a public footway, however, if a vehicle is parked upon a public footway adjacent to a single or double yellow line, parking enforcement action can be taken during enforcement times as a yellow line covers all parking from the crown of the carriageway to the edge of the highway extents that meets private land.


Vehicles parked on the verge

Welwyn Hatfield has a byelaw in place, which is used to try and minimise grass verge damage, by preventing cars from parking on them. However, it is becoming increasing difficult to take enforcement action using this byelaw as it can only be enforced when an Officer witnesses someone driving onto the verge to park.

However, Officers do write to registered keepers of vehicles parking on verges, to advise them not to park in these areas. If residents wish to report vehicle(s) parking on verges within the Borough, you would need to provide the registration number, exact location and a photograph of the vehicle on the verge showing the registration number in order for us to be able to search for the registered keeper details via the DVLA. This can be sent to and a case will be logged. If residents are taking photos of other people's cars, please ensure you take care and do not put yourself at any risk.