Make an arrangement to pay Business Rates

If you have difficulty paying

If you are having difficulty paying your Business Rates contact us straight away.

We may be able to help you by making a different payment arrangement. 


Missed payments

If you miss a payment we will send you a reminder or final notice.

If you do not pay this you lose your right to pay by instalments.

You may also be summonsed to a Magistrates' Court.

If you make an arrangement to pay

If you make an arrangement to pay with us before the court date you will not have to go to court.

If you keep to the arrangement no further action will be taken

Further action

If you do not pay you may have to go to court. You may be charged court costs.

There could be a legally valid reason for not paying:

  • we have not billed you properly
  • you can prove that the bill has already been paid

You should come to court to present this.

The court may decide to:

  • send you to prison
  • order you to pay
  • tell us to write off part or all of the debt

If the court decides you should pay and you do not, we may try to collect it by:

  • asking Enforcement Agents to collect the debt (they may collect your possessions to resell them and you may be charged additional fees)
  • insolvency proceedings through the High Court
  • applying to the County Court for a charging order on your property (to repay your Business Rates and additional costs from the sale of your property)